Price transparency

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) introduced the Transparency Rules on 6 December 2018.

We all know the aim of this is to help potential clients make informed decisions about legal services.

All firms are required to publish information about complaints and display the SRA’s digital badge where relevant.

All firms that publicise their services for certain areas of law must also publish information about:

  • prices
  • services

The information should be:

  • in plain English so that prospective clients can understand it easily
  • accessible
  • in a prominent place on the firm’s website.

If your firm does not have a website, you must make the information available on request (for example, in a brochure or leaflet).

The SRA carries out spot checks to enforce the Transparency Rules and is likely to continue doing so for some time.

How do you know whether your firm is providing the appropriate amount of information in the right level of detail?

Both the CLC and SRA have produced some guidance templates. The Law Society have published a guidance note.

Most firms are however finding that they need to make individual decisions on applying the templates based on the unique nature of their own practices both in terms of the services being offered and the staff carrying out the work.

Bespoke advice on applying the guidance

Legal Eye can provide guidance which is tailored to your firm using the guidelines provided by the regulators and also with reference to specialist opinion provided by leading counsel.

Our team will use their detailed knowledge and experience both of the regulations and of how other firms are implementing the changes to help you to compile and present your price and service transparency website information.

Different packages are available depending on your requirements. We will cover pricing presentation, representation of ‘service’ including how to deal with complaints information and, where required, we’ll facilitate gathering together biographies of relevant members of staff in order to comply with the requirement to show who will be carrying out the work.

Get in touch with the team today. Email [email protected] or call 020 3051 2049

Price transparency

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