CQS Gap Analysis

Keep up to date with the changes made to the CQS Core Practice Management Standards.

Further to the changes made in the first half of 2023, Legal Eye’s associates have updated their Gap Analysis to incorporate the most up to date reference to the CQS’s Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS).

Ensuring adherence to things such as your teams being aware of the changes made under the Building Safety Act 2022, the gap analysis allows for a clear understanding around the requirements and where changes may need to be made.

Available as a one-off purchase, a gap analysis is the ideal way for firms to create an action plan that will ensure the firm is compliant.

Firms can also access support and guidance to help in adapting and developing policies and procedures – whether it is operational or system changes that are needed; or whether new policies or procedures need to be introduced.

One of Legal Eye’s experienced specialist advisers can be engaged to provide bespoke support (either at your office or via remote access); or firms can purchase standalone templates for the firm to complete on their own.

The Law Society is also introducing on site visits to firms. These will be both practice and reactive. In addition the number of remote assessments of firms’ compliance systems will increase.
These visits are likely to be carried out by an independent assessment body although we await full details.

Firms who receive a visit will be provided with a corrective action report after the visit so that firms can continually improve. It is also anticipated that a greater degree of knowledge sharing will take place amongst the wider CQS community facilitated by the Law Society.

CQS Gap Analysis

Incorporating the requirements of the amended Core Practice Management Standard (CPMS), published by the Law Society in February 2022, the Gap Analysis will be carried out on/off site:

  • Structure and Strategy
  • Financial management
  • Information management
  • People management
  • Risk management
  • Client care
  • File and Case management
  • Implementation of CQS requirements:
    • File reviews – a selection of files across work types
    • Staff interviews – a selection of staff at different levels of seniority

Advice, support and a fresh pair of eyes, our team of specialist associates bring a wealth of practical hands-on experience perfect for reviewing your risk and compliance obligations as part of your CQS Gap Analysis.

Gap Analysis – what’s included?

A comprehensive Review Report will be provided, highlighting any CQS corrective actions required. We can then discuss how Legal Eye can further support you on your path to compliance.

The scope of the Gap Analysis will be limited to compliance with the CQS Core Practice Management Standard.

The SRA Accounts Rules and Technical Legal Review do not form part of this agreement

CQS Accreditation Application Support

For firms who are considering CQS Accreditation we have the following application support packages available.

Option 1 – The ultimate service, providing the most comprehensive assistance

Application Assistance including provision and tailoring of documents required plus post application queries. 

Following the results of the CQS Gap Analysis, Legal Eye will provide the following support:

  • Legal Eye will supply the documented procedures in order to support the CQS application.
  • All documented CPMS procedures supplied will cover the requirements of the application. It is the responsibility of the Client to make them fit the specific processes of the firm i.e. file opening procedure detail etc.
  • The required policies i.e. AML, Risk Management, Client Care will be updated by Legal Eye to reflect the Clients business i.e. names risk partner etc.
  • Legal Eye will update your residential client care letters (i.e. 1 x purchase and 1 x sale) plus provide a compliant terms of business document for submission with the application.
  • Legal Eye will conduct a review of your website and advise action to make it compliant
  • Legal Eye will supply a precedent Business Continuity Plan and Annual Risk Review document for the Client to complete in line with the firms processes

In addition,

  • Legal Eye will assist in answering any compliance related queries raised by the Law Society post submission.The Client will have to work with Legal Eye to amend / update the policies to fit in with the firms processes. It is important that both parties are aware that updating of the policies can only be undertaken by Legal Eye once the Client has provided feedback and information requested and required by Legal Eye to enable them to update.

Option 2 – Minimal support, perfect as a “just in case” scenario for experienced teams

CQS Application Review

  • Review your completed CQS form
  • Legal Eye to supply a list of documentation for you to send to us and in turn, we will review for compliance and report back to you
  • Review existing Client Care Letter and Terms of Business
  • Update the Client Care Letter if required and supply new Terms of Business if required.

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