SRA Risk Outlook highlights managing claims and cyber security as key areas of concern

The SRA’s risk outlook published this week has highlighted two main areas as requiring particular attention from law firms:

Managing claims ‘We are increasingly concerned about the practises of some firms that offer personal injury work, including holiday sickness claims. Similarly, some firms bringing payment protection insurance claims may not always be meeting the high standards we expect.’ SRA Risk Outlook 18/19 page 4.

Cyber security’ Cyber security has always featured in the Risk Outlook as a consideration when protecting people’s information and money. But we recognise that this is of increasing concern to the profession, so we have set it out as a separate risk. We have worked with the National Cyber Security Centre to provide you with top tips on keeping cyber-safe.’ SRA Risk Outlook 18/19 page 4.

We will provide further detailed practical guidance over the next few weeks. Please contact us on [email protected] to receive a copy.
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