Why your law firm needs content

By David Kempster, Consultant – Legal Eye

Assuming you have a fully responsive site that is mobile compatible for positive search results with Google….at this point, many a law firm may need to ask the question…. you need to think about a content strategy to keep interest coming.

Given the changes to Google’s algorithm from April this year, there has understandably been plenty of focus on dusting off the old website and getting an overhaul done. But this is only half the story – having a Google friendly site means doing things that Google likes. And this isn’t paying someone to just manage your keywords and optimisation – that’s seriously old hat.

Google loves regularly refreshed content that is using a number of media sources and channels – especially its own channels. So, it is essential that in order to grow and maintain a persistent digital footprint for the firm, you need a healthy mix of blogs, video content and social media engagement/sharing.

Google owns You Tube, so clearly establishing a series of short videos (2 minutes maximum, typically) and creating your own labelled “TV channel”, will deliver a more favourable response to search rankings (Search engine optimisation or SEO). It also provides a more flexible and easily distributed form of content, enhancing blogs and social media posts.

This should be a corporate video, including testimonials and a visible team presence, but this should also be extended into a series of short pieces on the various disciplines in the firm and the firm’s views on responses to changes in the law.

Creating a regular and rolling blog on the firm website, as well as posting it on a Google+ page, will have a favourable SEO effect. By the way, if you don’t have your own Google My Business Page yet – then claim your geography and set it up at the same time. You just need a Google ID.

Whether you call it a news page, articles page or blog, adding one to your website will achieve three key objectives:

  1. It will showcase your firm’s expertise to potential clients.
  2. You can add value to your existing clients by providing them with up to date legal news and changes in the law.
  3. Posting regular, relevant content should ensure more favourable Google rankings

The most important features of your firm’s blog are:

  • Regular updates – these could be news about the firm, such as its community activities, new hires or new services.
  • Relevant information that will benefit your potential and existing clients – recent changes on pension reforms, employment law changes and examples of copyright law are all rich hunting grounds for informative, engaging content.

The blog should sit as your information ticker tape on the site – a device that keeps being refreshed and receives regular new traffic. This should be ideally integrated with regular e-newsletters to your client and prospect base that provide links into this new content.

This ensures that you are also having a more regular dialogue with client, so that they don’t just see you as someone you engage with during the difficult moments in life – you are there to add value at other times. It’s about building brand loyalty, so that they instinctively go to you again – that’s where the gold lies.

But this takes time and resource. It must be consistent and persistent. If you are lucky to have an on-house marketing resource – do they understand how to author engaging content, tag and distribute effectively through the relevant digital channels? Are they keeping an eye on the media for relevant stories and situations that the firm can jump onto?

This is the art of the blog – it has to be pithy, light and compelling – but it also has to be timely.

If all of this is bewildering – don’t panic !

At Legal Eye, our marketing services help law firms create a stronger digital footprint and manage their content strategies. We take away the administrative and creative burden away, allowing them to focus on business development from the leads generated by the content. Call us today on 0203 051 2049 or email [email protected] 


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