Managing the risks of remote working – a free webinar from Legal Eye

Managing the Risks of Remote Working

Issues to consider when providing legal advice and services remotely

Live on Thursday 2 April 11am-12pm

With everyone (hopefully) settling in to working from home Legal Eye has put together a free webinar to highlight some of the additional and new risks facing firms during the coronavirus lockdown period.

We will cover:

Who’s looking after compliance? Arranging cover for nominated risk and compliance personnel and ensuring risk and compliance continues to effectively function in the firm.

What are the risks of remote working? From heightened cybersecurity and data protection risks and communication issues to how to verify client ID and ensure the security of transfers of monies; we will touch on the key issues to consider.

These include which core policies to update and communicate to staff (such as social media usage policy and use of personal devices); dealing with paperwork where files and documents are not available in digital form; physical building security risks; HR and health and safety issues; how to communicate key risk and compliance issues to staff and ensure training is up to date as well as providing guidance for staff on how to use different communications tools such as Zoom and others to stay in touch with clients and colleagues.

Don’t stop Business Continuity Planning – it might feel as though the BCP has done its job. However this is not the end of its usefulness. We look ahead and suggest what firms need to do know to ensure they’re prepared for any emergencies which may be yet to come.

‘Business as Usual’ – well clearly not; however how much of your normal risk and compliance activity should you be maintaining? Are you still carrying out file reviews? Will you still be audited?

This webinar will also automatically be emailed to you as a recording if you are unavailable to listen live.

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