Fraud Risk

Identity fraud is a huge business and is being used to fund all types of crime.

Counterfeit and forged passports, driving licences and nationality cards are frequently used with high quality forgeries available.

To ensure you don’t get caught out, we have put together the following tips that will assist you and ensure you’re not one of the firms successfully targeted by these criminals:

  • It is recommended that the checking of documents is done by a well-trained member of staff. It should not be left to a junior member of staff unless they are fully trained in what to do if they consider forged or counterfeit documents have been supplied.
  • The documents must be examined very closely, away from the owner and you should take time to examine them.
  • You must implement a procedure to deal with situations where forged or counterfeit documents are identified, or there is a suspicion that the documents presented are not genuine.
  • Never allow clients to bring to you their ID already copied but obtain original

documents and make your own copies of these.

So, consider this together with your firm’s risk procedure and contact Legal Eye today to see how we can help you further.

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