Disaster with a small ‘d’

Of the ‘Indicative Behaviours’ that describe what the outsourcing process looks like in practice, business continuity is one of the key underlying themes.

So what do business continuity and disaster recovery mean? Put simply, if business continuity is the ‘output’ or the experience of an uninterrupted service that a client enjoys regardless of the disaster that has befallen the firm, then the necessary ‘input’ for this is disaster recovery – or the systems that are put in place to ensure this is possible.

Our friends at Converge Technology Services, provide cloud solutions to law firms and together we’ve seen how cloud has become a game changer in relation to these issues.  An outsourced IT solution ticks regulatory boxes, yet few firms fully understood what they are looking for in a cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery package.

To explain this, Converge wrote a booklet last year in partnership with Legal Eye, entitled ‘Cloud and Compliance: Your Questions Answered’ and in the process, became increasingly aware of the fragility of many law firms’ IT infrastructure and the potentially catastrophic effect that a failure can have on business. If you want a copy email Norman Denton on [email protected]

The issue is that disasters in IT can be less obvious, but equally as devastating as fire and flood.  Take for example, an air conditioning system that leaks over a weekend, and floods the server upon which a whole business relies. Or the over-zealous employee who inadvertently deletes the content of a server, without having ensured there was a back-up.   All of these are very real examples!

To find out more, contact Norman Denton at Legal Eye.

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