LSAG Guidance July 2022 (HMT APPROVED)

LSAG July 2022 (HMT APPROVED) – Key changes document:

 Legal Eye have produced a comprehensive document guide to the key changes required to ensure firm’s continue to meet their compliance obligations:

The key changes document includes the following references:

  • LSAG January 2021 (Draft)
  • LSAG (Part 1) July 2022 – HMT approved
  • Summary of key changes
  • What these changes mean to your firm
  • Updates required to AML PCP’s
  • LSAG Breach Reporting Note 2022

Future developments: We are also looking at what changes are coming along in September 2022 to AML compliance which in part are a response to the MLR consultation and which will include that the Supervisory Authority (SRA / CLC) will have access to the SARs submitted externally to consider if training/development is required by firms.  We will look to provide you with an update of what is coming for September.

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