LSAG AML Guidance for the Legal Sector 2021 – What does it Mean for Risk Assessment, Due Diligence and Training?

LSAG AML guidance – key pointers

11am-12pm, Tuesday 9 February with Legal Eye’s Senior Compliance and Regulatory Specialist Norman Denton.

If you’re an MLCO or MLRO, hopefully by now you have had chance to grab a copy of the latest LSAG Draft AML Guidance and started to thumb through its content.

If you have, then you’ll have noted the many references to “Must”, “Should” and “May”.  For those familiar with Lexcel and CQS, you’ll know the implications from those, but perhaps with additional chill since these are your Regulator communicating their expectation of what they expect to see, when you are selected for a review!

Even if you are not familiar with those accreditations, but work in the legal sector, under a different Regulator, then this online presentation applies to you, since it is issued with the approval of your Regulator!

This is not a short cut, or substitute to gaining understanding, by reading all 212 pages of the Guidance.  However, it may help in considering what you need to address and why, perhaps leading to a workable action plan to review your existing Policies, Controls and Procedures.

Remember, none of this is new!  You should already be doing most of what is covered.  The expanded guidance and High Level Compliance Principles act as a signpost to what perhaps needs to be improved upon.

We will be briefly considering the implications the Guidance poses for Client & Matter Risk Assessment, resultant Due Diligence and in particular Staff Training.

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